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Why is PTSD More Prevalent in Certain Professions?

Within certain professions, there is an increased risk of exposure to disturbing or traumatic events. Because of this, it is crucial to raise awareness of PTSD as it relates to workplace trauma. Understanding PTSD and which professions provide a greater risk of PTSD is essential so you can make the best career decisions for your mental wellness and reach out for support when necessary.

Portland Mental Health Crisis Center Under Development

What happens when you build an office space that nobody wants to lease? For Vanessa Sturgeon, it meant changing course from a coworking space to a much-needed mental health and addiction treatment facility. Read more about her process! 

Starting the New Year in a Healthy Headspace

Starting the new year in a healthy headspace is one of the best things you can do to get your life on track and start feeling more positive about who you are. In this post, we share tips for starting your year in a healthy headspace.

Mental Health Resolutions for 2024

There’s no greater time for change than the new year. If you’ve been feeling stuck on your mental health journey, 2024 could be the perfect time for a fresh start and a clean slate.

The Correlation Between Anxiety and Excessive Social Media Usage

Like anything, it’s important to practice moderation when using social media. Excessive use of social media can cause anxiety and harm your mental health.

Jackson House CEO Dr. Bruce Figuered featured on Good Business San Diego

Watch Jackson House CEO Dr. Bruce Figuered on Good Business San Diego with Roy Robertson, as he works to debunk some of the misconceptions surrounding substance abuse and addiction. He points out that the idea of choice can fade away as you or your loved one slips into addiction, and the importance of treating the mental health aspects of the disease as well as the physical. Ja ...

How Treatment Can Help Veterans Assimilate Back Into Normal Life

After having served their country, some veterans often return to civilian life with unique challenges, both mental and physical. Addressing these issues usually requires a multifaceted approach, including mental health services, medical care, community support, and access to resources that can aid in the adjustment process. Recognizing and addressing these everyday struggles is vital for veterans' well-being and successful reintegration into civilian life.

Mindful Mental Health Activities Near SoCal to Partake In

Mental health impacts every area of your life and is just as important as physical health. If you live in the Southern California (SoCal) region, practicing mindfulness with a number of unique activities can help you to ground yourself in the present and support good mental health habits.

Common Mental Health Issues Affecting Veterans

Veterans often carry with them the effects of their service long after it ends, with past traumas and adaptation to civilian life often creating unique mental health difficulties. These challenges can then make daily life an internal battleground that manifests into conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and anxiety.

How to Distinguish Between Holiday Blues and Chronic Depression

It’s important to try and differentiate between what constitutes holiday blues and something more serious like clinical depression so that treatment options can be explored. In this post, we’ll help unwrap this difficult subject matter so you can distinguish seasonal sadness from more prolonged depression.

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