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Stop Saying Suicide Is a Selfish "Choice"

Our society has come a long way in understanding the importance of taking care of mental health. Although there have been many improvements in how mental health is addressed, there is still a stigma involved, especially when it comes to suicide.

Myths About Suicide that Contribute to the Mental Health Stigma

Suicide is a difficult subject for most. It's hard to think about it, let alone mention it openly. Yet the decision to speak up is the only way to prevent the increase in fatalities.

Ways that Pets Help with Stress and Mental Health

Pets can provide a great amount of comfort and happiness to their owners. In fact, owning a pet can help reduce stress and improve your mental health.

What to Do When Someone You Love Talks About Suicide

Having a conversation about suicide can be uncomfortable because you may feel an immense amount of pressure to say and do the right thing to support your loved ones. To help you be prepared for such a difficult conversation, read this guideline and make a plan ahead of time for how you can best support the people you love.

Coping with Anxiety On The Go: Assemble a Coping Kit

To be more prepared for handling stress and anxiety “on the go,” you can put together a coping kit that consists of easily portable coping tools that you can bring anywhere in case of an emergency.

How to Cope with Grief and Loss

Grief can be caused by the loss of any person or thing that you lose, such as going through a breakup, losing a pet, cutting out toxic relationships with friends or family members, losing a job, or even selling a home you’ve lived in for many years.

Changing the Attitude Around Mental Health

Negative attitudes and stigmas around mental health make it much more difficult for people to start conversations about mental health and seek help.

What Does Early Intervention Look Like in Mental Health?

It is important to recognize the signs that someone may be suffering from a mental illness and take action immediately to get help.

Mental Health Disparities Among Diverse Populations

In many minority communities, mental health care is not being addressed often enough, and people that need help are experiencing serious symptoms that remain undiagnosed and untreated.

Trauma and PTSD art display

Ways that Traumatic Stress Presents and How To Manage It

If you are unsure if you are experiencing traumatic stress, you can pay attention to the way your stress presents. Traumatic stress manifests itself emotionally, physically, and mentally.

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