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Mental Health Disparities Among Diverse Populations

In many minority communities, mental health care is not being addressed often enough, and people that need help are experiencing serious symptoms that remain undiagnosed and untreated.

Trauma and PTSD art display

Ways that Traumatic Stress Presents and How To Manage It

If you are unsure if you are experiencing traumatic stress, you can pay attention to the way your stress presents. Traumatic stress manifests itself emotionally, physically, and mentally.

How to Support A Loved One Who Has PTSD

If you know someone with PTSD, you may have to experience their outbursts of anger, fear, sadness, or feel them distancing themselves from you. You may feel helpless somedays or like you are living with a complete stranger.

What is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, and How Can You Help?

During this month, people should reflect on the inequalities that BIPOC people face regarding mental health. Many of those inequalities stem from the historical and systemic racism that has marginalized and oppressed minorities.

Ways That Culture Can Impact Mental Health

A person’s culture may play a role in how they talk and feel about their mental illness, how they cope, and the stigma associated with it.

Financial Barriers to Mental Health Treatment

Mental health care is a necessity that all individuals deserve. So what are the biggest financial barriers to mental health treatment and how can you overcome those barriers to get the help you need?

What is PTSD?

PTSD can be triggered by all kinds of distressing experiences, such as a car accident, a natural disaster, rape, threats or acts of violence, and the death of a loved one.

Mental Health & The LGBTQ Community

There is no one reason why mental illness in the LGBTQ+ community is so high, but it likely has to do with the amount of fear, discrimination, trauma, and adversity that many individuals have experienced.

How to Prioritize Self-Care this Summer

Self-care is all about focusing on your needs as an individual so that you can thrive and live a meaningful life. Learning to prioritize self-care is a necessity to be happy and healthy.

What Recovery Looks Like After Mental Health Care Treatment

We must note that starting treatment and understanding the conditions that influence one’s life are only the first and hardest steps towards making the changes needed for long-term recovery.

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