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Why Choose Residential Treatment for Managing Your Mental Illness

If you are struggling with a mental illness there are a lot of different options to help you feel better. You could consider individual counseling, group therapy or residential treatment. With so many choices, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. To help make the process a bit easier, and point you in the right direction, our team thought we would explain some of the key differences between outpatient and residential care.

Difference Between Outpatient and Residential Care

At Jackson House, we are a residential treatment center. We offer you the care and encouragement you need to grow and heal in a supportive around the clock environment. Many people are more familiar with outpatient treatment options such as seeing a counselor or therapist to discuss anxiety or depression. In this type of setting, you schedule regular appointments to visit with a mental health professional.

Outpatient care has many of the same resources residential treatment offers, but in a less structured environment. While the flexibility of outpatient care works really well for some, for others it can be more difficult since they are responsible for scheduling and attending therapy.

Residential treatment is helpful because you are not alone. You are surrounded by a network of support and a community of your peers, who are navigating similar challenges. It also puts you in a new environment, which can help remove you from triggers in your everyday life that could be causing you additional stress.

Typically, outpatient care is best suited to those who are experiencing mild symptoms of mental illness or who can not take extended absences from professional or personal responsibilities.

Benefits of Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is designed to give you the support you need no matter what time of day and provide you with a safe place to focus on yourself and your recovery. While we cannot speak for every residential treatment center, here are some of the benefits of seeking help at Jackson House:

  • We provide an individualized treatment plan for every client. This includes a full assessment of the factors that are impacting your mental health the most
  • 24-hour care is provided by trained professionals
  • We offer a variety mental healthcare treatment methods, so you can find what works best for you
  • All of our treatment is evidence-based
  • Build connections and receive support from your peers
  • Develop new life skills and hobbies
  • Treatment is mixed in with plenty of time to socialize and exercise
  • Receive assistance with medication management
  • Recover in a safe environment away from the responsibilities of home, work and family
  • Our team follows up with you 30 days after treatment to see how you’re doing

If you have been struggling with a mental illness, a long-term stay at a residential treatment facility may be just what you need. While it can be difficult to temporarily leave responsibilities behind, benefits of residential care make the break worth it.

Residential Treatment Provides 24-hour Professional Care

There are many types of mental illnesses and each person experiences them differently. While seeing a counselor and receiving outpatient care can help you understand your illness, sometimes you need a bit more attention and support to heal. A residential treatment center is solely focused on helping each client understand their illness, how it affects them, and what they can do to feel relief long-term. With 24-hour, professional care, there is no safer place to heal.

Besides the staff who are there to lead individual and group therapy, help administer medications, and provide overall care, other people in the program can help support you in your recovery. You do not need to carry the weight of your mental illness alone. The bonding experiences of group therapy and sharing a home, can lift you up and help you build a network of support. At a residential treatment center, you don’t have to be alone as you grow through your illness.

Mental illness is treatable. If you have not been feeling yourself, it may be time to reach out for help. And if you think residential care might be what you need, consider Jackson House. We want to make sure you take the time and get all of the support, and attention you need to heal.

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Jackson House

We built Jackson House because we realized there was a critical gap in our healthcare system and many individuals with mental illnesses and substance abuse problems were struggling because of it. While there are many outpatient treatment options and locked, inpatient facilities there was nothing in the middle. Nothing to help people who needed around the clock care but wanted to receive treatment voluntarily, on their own terms. Jackson House is different. We provide clients with the level of care they need in a welcoming environment. When you walk through our doors, we will meet you wherever you’re at and help you on your journey toward feeling better.

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