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Jackson House Proud to Work with TriWest Healthcare Alliance to Serve Veterans

Partnership Helps Make Residential Mental Health and Addiction Treatment More Accessible

LA MESA, CA – One in three veterans visiting their primary care provider shows symptoms of depression according to the VA. Out of those, ten percent will be diagnosed with major depression. Jackson House and Jackson House Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers are proud to expand treatment options for veterans by providing in-network, residential mental health and substance use disorder treatment for veterans through the TriWest Healthcare Alliance. TriWest partners with the VA to provide healthcare services to veterans.

“We are proud to help remove healthcare barriers for veterans and make it easier for them to receive the mental health treatment they need,” said Dr. Bruce Figuered, President of Jackson House. “Mental illness of any scale can feel isolating and make the transition to civilian life all the more difficult. Our team is here to help veterans address their mental health issues and substance use disorders.”

Jackson House is one of the first in-network residential mental health facilities with TriWest, which provides services for veterans around the country. Residential mental healthcare facilities play an important role in mental health treatment. It provides a safe environment where clients have around the clock support. It provides a middle ground for veterans who need more support than counseling alone can provide but do not require treatment in a locked facility.

“We have found patients with a history of trauma respond well to treatment at Jackson House,” said Dr. Figuered. “Our program is completely voluntary. We work with each client to fully understand their needs and develop customized treatment programs to help improve their quality of life. We encourage anyone who has been struggling with a mental illness or substance abuse issue to reach out for help.”

Veterans who are interested in seeking mental health or substance use disorder treatment at Jackson House or Jackson House Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers should contact the VA for a referral. Individuals can also call Jackson House directly to learn more.


Jackson House was built to fill a critical gap in the healthcare system. The company recognized there were outpatient treatment options and locked, inpatient facilities but nothing in the middle. Jackson House allows people to receive around the clock mental health treatment voluntarily, on their own terms. The program is built around evidenced based care and customized to meet each client’s unique needs. Jackson House helps clients manage the symptoms of their mental illness, provides tools for recovery and teaches the life skills necessary to thrive. Learn more by visiting

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Jackson House

We built Jackson House because we realized there was a critical gap in our healthcare system and many individuals with mental illnesses and substance abuse problems were struggling because of it. While there are many outpatient treatment options and locked, inpatient facilities there was nothing in the middle. Nothing to help people who needed around the clock care but wanted to receive treatment voluntarily, on their own terms. Jackson House is different. We provide clients with the level of care they need in a welcoming environment. When you walk through our doors, we will meet you wherever you’re at and help you on your journey toward feeling better.

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We are here to help and we are in-network with most insurance providers. Call us for a free and confidential consultation.

If you’re a provider and need to send us information on a client, please feel free to fax us at 619-303-7044. If you need help immediately, call our 24-hour crisis line at 1-800-766-4274. If you have a medical emergency, call 911. Jackson House is licensed by the State of California Community Care Licensing Division and certified by the Department of Health Care Services. We are also CARF Accredited. If you have any client or quality of care concerns, please reach out to us at (888) 255-9280. If your concerns need further attention, you can contact the Department of Public Health at 619-278-3700 or the Community Care Licensing Division at 1-844-538-8766.