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Mindful Mental Health Activities Near SoCal to Partake In

Mental health impacts every area of your life and is just as important as physical health. How you feel physically and mentally plays a massive part in how you deal with your life and the decisions you make.

Sadly, there is still a considerable stigma associated with mental health, despite around one in five adults struggling with their mental health, according to the CDC. Removing this stigma and being able to ask for and receive support when you aren’t feeling your best mentally is crucial to helping you overcome challenges and get any help you need to improve your mental health.

If you live in the Southern California (SoCal) region, practicing mindfulness with a number of unique activities can help you to ground yourself in the present and support good mental health habits. Mindfulness is becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings so you can better process them and understand what you are feeling and experiencing. By doing this, you can help you improve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Mindfulness activities can come in many forms, and practicing this technique in different scenarios can help you improve your mental health and be more aware of what impacts you and how you deal with challenges.

If you're looking for mindful and relaxing activities in SoCal, read on for some great places to visit.

Visit Point Sal Beach State Park

Sal Beach State Park is located in the Northwestern part of Santa Barbara County, near Guadalupe. Boasting over 1.5 miles of ocean frontage and 80 acres of land, this is the perfect getaway for those wanting some time to sit, relax, and enjoy the coastline. Visitors are permitted from sunrise to sunset via Brown Road; however, visitors should be aware of the potential for the beach to be closed to the public at any time due to activities at the Vandenberg Space Force Base.

While swimming isn't recommended (due to the absence of a lifeguard station and extremely strong rip currents), visitors to this stunning part of SoCal can experience the visible beauty of the rock formation made from 60% of the earth's crust when relaxing and soaking up the sun. They can also partake in various permitted activities like fishing, beachcombing, hiking, and photography while on the beach. If you need to experience some downtime from life to recharge your batteries, you can head to Point Sal Beach State Park to do just that.

Go to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

For those wishing to stop and absorb themselves in the arts, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the ideal place. With both indoor and outdoor spaces to not only see art but also experience live music and fine dining, this is the ultimate in SoCal relaxing activities.

You can visit throughout the year to take in one of the many exhibitions, go on private tours, dine in one of the three eateries on site, or book one of the workshops or live music events. There is plenty on offer to help you disengage from your life and absorb the benefits that creative arts have to offer.

Open every day with free access to L.A. residents, LACMA should be on your list of places to visit for those looking for a more mindful mental health activity in SoCal.

Listen to a Classical Concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall

Classical music has long been known for its relaxing properties, and music has the ability to whisk you away to a place where you can truly clear your mind. Walt Disney Music Hall has everything you need on offer for a more mindful experience.

Immerse yourself in the musical talents of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, featuring some of the most gifted musicians during live performances, or book a more engaging concert for an exceptional experience. If music speaks to your soul and you're looking for new mindfulness activities near SoCal, or you want a relaxing activity that boosts your mood, taking in a classical concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall is a must-do experience.

Do a Yoga Class at Embody Wellness Hub

When it comes to mindfulness in SoCal, there is nothing that promotes this more than a yoga class. Heading to Embody Wellness Hub can help you align your body and mind in a conscious and supportive environment.

There is an abundance of classes every week, along with a private wellness room, all designed to offer you an enlightening and relaxing experience that supports good mental health. Breathwork and meditation classes are also offered, along with various styles of yoga classes, from energetic and strength-building yoga to calm and gentle yoga. Surrounded by like-minded people, Embody Wellness Hub is there to help you re-center, relax, and recharge to support good mental health habits.

Enjoy a Green Juice at Earth Organic Juice Bar and Take a Scenic Walk

Getting outside and soaking up some Vitamin D is essential for good physical and mental health. Taking a walk can do wonders for the mind and give you time away from your life to clear your thoughts and get some exercise. Walking is considered one of the best exercises you can do, and a good walk can be therapeutic.

Paired with a nutritious green juice from Earth Organic Juice Bar, you can support your body, boost your nutrition, and take care of your mental health all in one go. If you need a break and can find time to be more mindful and present, taking a walk with a green juice in hand can be just the thing you need.

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