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What Does Dual Diagnosis Treatment Look Like?

Many people experience substance abuse and mental health issues throughout their lives. These problems can be caused by various factors, such as unemployment, stress, bad influences, and more. 

It is possible for people to experience both substance abuse and mental health problems at the same time. This is called a dual diagnosis. Unsurprisingly, it is common for people to experience poor mental health as a result of substance abuse. Sometimes, people turn to substances as a way to cope with poor mental health. The two go hand in hand, but not in a good way. 

When someone receives a dual diagnosis, it is important to understand there are expert clinicians and specialized treatments out there to help you recover and get your life back. 

This guide will share everything there is to know about dual diagnosis, the treatment options pertaining to it, and how to seek out experts. 

What Does Dual Diagnosis Treatment Look Like?

Treatment for a dual diagnosis involves assessing and treating both problems at the same time. This allows for treatment to be efficient and not overwhelming for the patient. 

Experts must tackle the struggles of the patient directly and not falsify the severity of the issue. Hence, treatment will begin with understanding the patient and their history. Secondly, the clinicians will work together to pinpoint what mental health conditions and substance issues the patient is exhibiting. Once a diagnosis is given, the doctors and clinicians will work with the patient to form a treatment plan. Each treatment plan is personalized to help the individual needs. 

During treatment, patients can expect to experience:

  • Therapy: speaking to a specialized therapist can allow a patient to share the truth, which can help them seek expert and tailored help. 
  • Medication: to reduce and stop the use of substances, sometimes medication is necessary. 
  • Detoxification: detoxification will flush everything out of the system. 
  • Support groups: speaking to people who are experiencing similar issues can provide a patient with support and encouragement. 

Potential Addictions Someone May Struggle With

Common addictions that people with dual diagnosis may have include:

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol 
  • Prescription medicine

Potential Mental Health Disorders Someone May Struggle With

Common mental health disorders that people with dual diagnosis may experience include:

The Importance of Addressing Both in Recovery

It is essential to address both the addiction and mental illness during recovery. If a patient and the health expert only tackle one, the patient could leave the treatment center with fragile mental health or the need to continue using drugs. Therefore, it is essential to provide treatment for both issues at once.

It is worth noting that addressing and treating both issues in recovery will prevent the risk of relapse. If a patient leaves without being treated for both issues, they might know how to handle the issue that hasn’t been treated. They might leave the treatment program feeling happier, yet soon turn back to drug or alcohol use. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Jackson House

At Jackson House, patients gain access to expert support to help them overcome their mental health disorders and substance abuse. Although it might seem like a challenge to admit you are dealing with one issue—let alone both—it is important to seek help and treatment. 

The first step is admitting to yourself that you are struggling with both issues. The next step is to get in touch and seek support. Everyone at Jackson House is caring, friendly, and highly qualified to offer kind and successful support. They will work their best to help ease you off of substance use and treat your mental health disorder, which can help prevent relapses and ensure you can get your old life back. 

Highly individualized

At Jackson House, you can rest assured that you will attain highly individualized treatment. No patient is treated the same, as everyone has a different experience from the two issues. Plus, everyone has individual needs that deserve to be addressed. 

Therefore, it is pertinent to seek the best individualized treatment that will tailor to your issues and personal needs. If you want to speak first about your mental health and then move on to substance abuse, you are completely able to do so. Jackson House will do everything in their power to offer you comfortable and expert support during your recovery.

Addresses the person as a whole

Our team ensures to address every individual as a whole. Our team at Jackson House will never look down on you or provide unsupportive care. 

Everyone at the center knows how to make patients feel comfortable. You will never feel alone or worried. Our team is here to support you through the difficult times. We want to become your friend as you progress forward on your road to recovery. 

Multiple Program Options and Locations to Help You Get the Best Help

Jackson House has multiple locations with a variety of treatment programs. A dual diagnosis program will ensure you receive the support you need to pull through the bad experience and find the light at the end of the tunnel.

There is an opportunity for people who need 24/7 care to receive around-the-clock support. At the Jackson House Addiction Treatment & Recovery Centers, those with substance abuse issues can get help overcoming their addiction. Residential treatment at Jackson House can provide patients with ample opportunity to get their life back and recover their overall health. 

After residential treatment is complete, patients can be moved to West Coast Recovery Centers where they can get help transitioning back to their normal life. It can be difficult to transition from a safe, structured place to the real world. Hence, West Coast Recovery Centers offer ongoing recovery support so that patients need not feel alone. Together, we can establish a new and healthy routine to take forward into society.

You can find these centers and professional help in San Diego, California. If you are suffering from a dual diagnosis and seek treatment, do not wait any longer to get in touch

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