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October 9, 2023

Jackson House to Open New Mental Health Facility in Tulare

TULARE, CA – Jackson House is now serving clients in the Tulare, California area by opening its newest residential mental health treatment facility on October 9, 2023. As the organization’s sixth center in California, this new facility boasts 16 bedrooms and will enable Jackson House to provide high-level psychiatric care to individuals who are closer to the Central Valley. They are currently accepting patients for the new location.

Helping those with mental illnesses manage their conditions healthily is at the forefront of Jackson House’s care philosophy. With the countless success stories brought about by the organization’s Southern California facilities, leadership realized the crucial need to expand north and help bring hope to residents in these communities, too.

Jackson House is proud to be opening the first residential mental health facility in Tulare County,” said Dr. Bruce Figuered, Jackson House’s president. “The addition of our facility represents an extraordinarily valuable treatment option for those in need of high-quality in-network mental health services.”

Jackson House’s facilities are fully licensed and staffed. The organization was created to bridge the gap for patients who don’t necessitate being in an involuntary inpatient mental health program, but who do still require a form of residential mental health care. Jackson House specializes in serving clients who face bipolar disorder, depression, dual diagnosis, schizophrenia, or trauma disorders. They also offer their Veteran’s Program to help struggling military members cope and reacclimate to civilian life after a tour of duty.

With a variety of well-known health insurance providers remaining in-network with their facilities, Jackson House strives to make quality residential mental health treatment obtainable for virtually anyone who needs it. The Tulare facility’s recent opening demonstrates the organization’s steadfast commitment to providing effective, compassionate, and widely accessible mental health assistance. Jackson House's Tulare location, along with Santa Paula, Temecuela, and El Centro, is proud to accept Medi-Cal in addition to private insurance. 

For individuals in the Central Valley region who are currently battling mental health challenges and seeking a voluntary residential program, contact Jackson House at (888)-285-9280. Call to learn more about the Jackson House Tulare facility, its programs, and how they can empower you to succeed in your mental health journey.


Jackson House was built to fill a critical gap in the healthcare system. The company recognized there were outpatient treatment options and locked, inpatient facilities but nothing in the middle. Jackson House allows people to receive around-the-clock mental health treatment voluntarily, on their own terms. The program is built around evidence-based care and customized to meet each client’s unique needs. Jackson House helps clients manage the symptoms of their mental illness, provides tools for recovery and teaches the life skills necessary to thrive. Learn more by visiting

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