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Mental Health Resources for Military Families

Mental health is an issue that is not talked about nearly enough, especially among military families. The issue is that this sets an unrealistic expectation that everything should always be fine, when in reality military families sometimes struggle the most for various reasons. Here at Jackson House, we provide mental health support and resources for struggling military families so that they can have access to the best mental health care possible. Nobody should have to suffer alone.

Some Struggles Of Military Life

Military life can be a struggle for every single person in a military family. There is a lot of uncertainty, there are times when you are going to need to relocate without much notice, and there are often breaks in routine. Together, these will mean constantly needing to adapt to new places and new routines, which is not always easy. Some families will find it easier to deal with than others, and the longer that you have to do this, you will get more used to it. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not still a struggle.

All of these changes, coupled with the fact that one of your loved ones is putting their life on the line for their country can be very difficult to manage. It’s common for this to lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. 

All too often, military families do not get the help that they need. That’s where we come in. 

How Jackson House Can Help Military Families

At Jackson House, we know that there is no one size fits all approach to mental health, and that each person we help will go on their own, unique journey. We want to help you by providing the care that you need, and giving you the tools necessary to help manage and overcome the mental struggles that are plaguing you.

We have different dedicated centers depending on what kind of help you need, ensuring that you are getting every possible resource that we can provide. 

Jackson House is full of specialists who are trained in assisting those in mental crises and those with persistent mental health issues that are not improving. 

Jackson House Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers were built to give those struggling with addiction somewhere to go to achieve victory over their addictions once and for all. These centers are residential facilities that use a range of different methods to assist you in finding healthier coping mechanisms and saying goodbye to substances.

With some facilities, once you have completed your treatment course, you are thrown back into society without so much as a goodbye. This is not the case with our West Coast Centers though. We believe that the key to recovery is consistency, and that is why our care extends beyond. At Jackson House, we have created a number of pathways designed to help military families transition back into their normal life, without putting their health at risk. 

Jackson House’s Veterans Program

It can sometimes be very difficult for veterans to come home and adapt to normal life again. Some find that the change in environment is enough for them to struggle, even though it’s what they have been waiting for all this time. The trauma of combat and the weight of the job that military personnel do alone can cause severe mental health issues, and that doesn’t even take into account any of the other contributing factors that veterans experience. 

Sadly, even though it’s common for veterans to struggle once they return home, less than half of the veterans who need mental health care actually receive what they need. In many cases, this can lead to veterans turning to substances to help them cope, or they may spiral into a deep depression. That is not acceptable to us here at Jackson House, as every veteran deserves to be taken care of in whatever capacity they require. 

Our veterans program was designed to ensure that those who come back from the military have access to the help that they need. We provide a tailored approach for each individual, focusing on what you need, setting goals to be healthy once again, and providing the tools for you to achieve this goal. The program includes a mixture of group and individual therapy for most veterans, allowing you to understand that you are not alone, and that we will do everything we can to help you.

Different Levels Of Care

Intensive Outpatient

In order to adapt to being back in a normal routine, you may need intensive outpatient care, which we are all too happy to offer. You will go back to living in your own home with your family and building a healthier life than before, while seeing one of our specialists three times per week for around three hours at a time.

Partial Hospitalization 

There are some people who do not need residential treatment but still need a high level of care. If this sounds like what you need, then our partial hospitalization option allows you to go home each night to your family, but five days a week you get the help that you need from us. 

Residential Treatment 

Both Jackson House and Jackson House Addiction Treatment and Recovery Centers offer residential treatment programs, depending on what you need. If you are struggling with substances, then the treatment center at the latter is going to be the better option for you, whereas if you are in a mental health crisis, the program at Jackson House will be more suitable.

Sober Living Residences

If you’re not quite ready to be on your own again while you are recovering from substance addiction, we have sober living residences that give you more time to develop your skills and ensure that you are ready before you go back to your life.

It is never okay to suffer in silence, especially when there are so many resources around you that can assist you with what you need. We know that sometimes it can be tough to reach out and ask for help, but it will likely end up being the best thing that you have ever done. We all need a little help sometimes, and that is exactly what we here at Jackson House provide for you. Get in touch with our friendly team today, and ask us about our programs if you would like more information.

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We built Jackson House because we realized there was a critical gap in our healthcare system and many individuals with mental illnesses and substance abuse problems were struggling because of it. While there are many outpatient treatment options and locked, inpatient facilities there was nothing in the middle. Nothing to help people who needed around the clock care but wanted to receive treatment voluntarily, on their own terms. Jackson House is different. We provide clients with the level of care they need in a welcoming environment. When you walk through our doors, we will meet you wherever you’re at and help you on your journey toward feeling better.

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